On March 15, 1899, the Bank of Cashton opened for business on Broadway Street.

The history of Cashton dates back to 1879 when the railroad was built. From that day forward, people began moving in, putting up buildings, and opening various business establishments. There were grocery, mercantile, hardware, drug, and furniture stores, a shoe shop, butcher shop, and tailor shop, two hotels, a livery business, and a sawmill. It was the Roessler and Senz sawmill which housed the Village’s first electric generating plant. There were individuals who carried on the business of buying ties, lumber, stock, and grain.

Businesses flourished, but there was not a bank to service the community. In order that businesses might have some convenient way of paying wholesalers for their merchandise, the Nelson and Campbell store arranged to handle drafts for them. A good sized safe was installed in their store and it was there that the businesses bought drafts with which they paid their bills.

Stock buyers and grain dealers, who were doing big business, were at a disadvantage. Not having the convenience of a personal checking account, they found it necessary to truck large amounts of currency by express from banks in Milwaukee and Chicago where they had established credit. This made it necessary to carry large amounts of currency when driving through the country on a buying trip.

Seeing Cashton as an opportunity, Watson B. Earle, his two sons, Louis W. Earle and LaMont M. Earle, and John C. Ford founded the Bank of Cashton in 1899. The newly formed bank served the community as a private bank until September 3, 1903 when it was organized as a state bank with capital of $10,000.

Along with the organization as a state bank in 1903, plans were made for the construction of a new bank building. The two story brick building, currently used for the Village office (which still dons the brick facade for the Bank of Cashton), was ready for occupancy in March of 1904. In July of the same year, the first adding machine was purchased.

The Bank’s safety and soundness was exemplified when on November 14, 1931, the Bank of Cashton took over operations of the Farmers Exchange Bank. On August 23, 1935, the Bank became a member of the FDIC and also installed its “Bandit Barrier” which is preserved and is displayed in the bank basement meeting room.

In 1958, a new bank building was constructed on the corner of Main and Wisconsin streets. This facility provided many modern conveniences, including a drive-up window.

As banking needs have changed, so has the Bank of Cashton. In 1978, the bank facility was renovated to more than double the available space. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, the bank maintained strong performance despite many large interest rate fluctuations.

A variety of products have also been introduced in recent years, including the popular Now, Super Now, Money Market Deposit Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. In 1997, following another renovation of the facilities, an automatic teller machine was installed to provide depositors 24-hour access to their funds. Further advancements also came in 1998 with the addition of telephone banking and the introduction of Bank of Cashton’s website home page

Bank of Cashton is pleased to have been part of the community’s rich history over the last 110 years and looks forward to serving its customers with the same commitment to quality for many more years to come.

Mission Statement

The Bank of Cashton, as an independent community bank, is committed to top quality and personalized customer service through friendliness and courtesy.

We will work as a team to deliver sound financial products to all existing and potential customers, with professionalism, and efficiency.

We know our customers by name and try to make customer requests bankable with the highest standards of safety, and soundness.

Our success is tied to the community and we are involved in helping to improve our community by giving of our time, talent, and financial support.

Old Bank Building Vault Door Bank Employees at work Active Bandit Barrier



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