Find a SHAZAM® ATM near you!

Bank of Cashton has partnered with the Privileged Status ATM network. This network is a program developed by our debit card processor, SHAZAM®, to help community financial institutions provide their customers with surcharge-free ATM locations across the country.  This means our customers:Surcharge Free ATM- Privileged Status

  • Pay no surcharge fees at our Bank of Cashton ATM
  • Pay no surcharge fees at any Privileged Status Symbol ATM locations

Privileged Status ATM Network

At these ATM locations you can:

  • Make withdrawals from checking or savings accounts
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Retrieve account balances
  • Make purchases from your checking account worldwide, anywhere VISA® is accepted or at any point-of-purchase terminal

To search for other privilege status ATM machines in your area click here.

ATM Access Network

We have also joined with other community banks to provide you with additional surcharge free ATMs across Minnesota and Wisconsin via the ATM Access Network.

ATM Access Network benefits include:

  • Save money by avoiding ATM surcharges
  • Access to hundreds of surcharge free ATMs in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where you live, work, and travel
  • Finding an ATM Access location is easy and convenient with the free ATM Access locator app

To find surcharge free ATMs near you, visit ATM Access Finder.

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