No-hassle purchasing power

Increased Safety with EMV/Chip Cards

Our VISA Debit Cards have secure EMV (Chip) technology.  You can learn more about this technology by visiting the FAQs about EMV Debit Cards link.

The Bank of Cashton offers debit cards for Personal and Business checking accounts as well as for Health Savings Accounts. Your debit card offers quick and easy purchasing power everywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted. With your Bank of Cashton Debit Card you receive FREE access to many fraud monitoring products. Bank of Cashton’s mobile app allows you to keep track of your accounts 24/7.

Card Control

The B of C mobile app partners with SHAZAM BOLT$ in order to give you the tools in the palm of your hand to fight fraud.  You are able to freeze and unfreeze your debit card with a simple swipe of your finger.  If you lose or forget where you placed your card, you can simply log into your app and shut it off until it is found or until you have contacted us to get a new card.

Watch the video below to see how SHAZAM BOLT$ can help you monitor your account.

Easy PIN Reference Number

Should you want to select a PIN number for your new Bank of Cashton VISA debit card, please stop into the Bank of Cashton or call us at (800) 205-7203 to obtain your “Easy PIN Reference Number.” After you have this 8 digit easy PIN number, you will need to call (855) 327-9746 to select your PIN number. If you have any questions with this process, please contact the Bank of Cashton.

Fraud Protection

The Bank of Cashton has been working to protect your debit card from fraud. In the past, you may have received a phone call from a representative at the Bank of Cashton to verify one of your transactions. Currently, those phone calls are made after the transaction has already occurred, in hopes of halting further fraudulent transactions.

Your new Bank of Cashton VISA Debit Card also has a daily purchase limit to protect your account. When using your debit card, there is a:

  • $700 daily purchase limit for Consumer Checking Accounts.
  • $500 daily purchase limit for Health Savings Accounts.

If you anticipate that your purchase(s) will total more than $700 or $500, the Bank of Cashton can temporarily increase your VISA Debit Card purchase limit to accommodate you. Please call (800) 205-7203 to request a temporary increase.

The Bank of Cashton and SHAZAM have enhanced this service by monitoring debit card transactions as they occur and declining those with the greatest likelihood of fraud. If your debit card is declined at a merchant location, one of the reasons may be that it was flagged as highly likely to be fraud, based on the way you typically use your card. If your transaction is declined for that reason, you will receive a phone call from a SHAZAM Fraud Specialist to verify the transaction. If it was a legitimate transaction, the details will be made part of your card profile so that these types of transactions have a greater chance of being approved in the future.

The Bank of Cashton values the trust you have placed with us, and we will continue to look for new ways to protect your debit card. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us anytime at (608) 654-5121 or toll free (800) 205-7203.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

You should immediately notify the Bank of Cashton of any loss, theft, disappearance, or known suspected unauthorized use of your debit card. Please call the Bank of Cashton at (608) 654-5121 or toll free (800) 205-7203 during normal business hours or (800) 383-8000 after hours.  You can also log into your B of C mobile app and “freeze” your card to stop all transactions.

Privileged Status ATM

If you make deposits at an ATM(s), you need to make sure that the ATM you are depositing at is serviced by SHAZAM, our VISA Debit Card provider. Look on the ATM for the SHAZAM logo, pictured on the back of your new debit card, to see if the ATM is covered by SHAZAM.  You can also click here for a listing of ATMs in your area serviced by SHAZAM.

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