We offer a wide variety of financing for your ever-growing needs.

Personal loans may be obtained for many purposes, from purchasing a car or truck to funding your dream vacation. Interest rates and terms are based on collateral and credit-worthiness. Monthly payments on installment loans can be made by coupon book, automatic payment from a deposit account, or by ACH. Payment due dates are flexible and can be set for any day of the month. These options allow you to choose the payment plan that works best for you.

Lines of Credit

The Bank of Cashton offers two different types of credit lines. The first is a closed-end line of credit for construction purposes. This line is accessed through your loan officer and allows you to use the funds to pay invoices as the job is completed. Thus, you only pay interest on the amount you have borrowed, not the entire amount of your loan. The construction loan can be converted into a conventional mortgage loan upon completion of the project.

The second type is a ready reserve account which is tied directly to your Bank of Cashton checking account.  The ready reserve acts as an overdraft protection account to accommodate your short term borrowing needs.

For more information on personal loans, please contact our loan department at (800) 205-7203.

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